San Francisco Fan Day or Night – 49ers UV Tattoo

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Flaunt your Niner’s spirit in one of the funnest ways possible and this is coming from your very own San Francisco native. 49ers is my team so I like to go all out, decorating myself head to toe with Niner colors. Gear is one way to go, but how about UV painting? UV painting is much brighter than any normal paint, so you will be glowing with 49ers art all over you! More importantly, after SF takes the win you’re probably going to want to go out downtown to celebrate! This is when your die-hard spirit is taken to the next level. Your UV 49er paintings on your body will be glowing up a storm in the club! So, follow these simple steps to stay faithful AND to be the #1 49ers fan!

  1. You can purchase the UV paint on Amazon
  2. Use an alphabet stencil to make your letters look nice and neat
  3. Use a small water paint brush to also help the neatness
  4. Apply the UV paint anywhere you want!

Staying faithful by writing GO NINERS! across my arm

Uv Body Tattoo in the light
UV Body Tattoo in the dark

Representing down my leg

A day and night look: 49ERS painted in orange UV paint across my shoulder

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